OSI at "OSPOs for Good" & "What's Next for Open Source?"

The Open Source Initiative will be in NYC this week for 2 events:

  • OSPOs for Good (July 9-10): Stefano Maffulli, the Executive Director of the OSI, will be part of the OpenSourceAI panel alongside distinguished speakers Ashley Kramer, Craig Ramlal, Mehdi Snene, Ph.D., Dr. Sasha Luccioni, and Sergio Gago.
  • What’s Next for Open Source? (July 11): Mer Joyce and Lea Gimpel will hold a workshop “What is it, why does it matter, and how to ensure responsible openness?”

We’ll be posting updates from these events here.


@stefano is now live: (Day 1, Part 1) OSPOs for Good 2024 | UN Web TV

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