Moving on to the next phase of system analysis

As we closed phase 1, and published draft v.0.0.6, we can start moving into phase 2. That is, we need to review the systems we analyzed, find the availability of the required components and make a list of the legal documents they use. For example, the template would be a table like the one below, at least for the four systems we looked at (Pythia, Llama2, OpenCV, BLOOM) but we can add more if necessary to have a wider array of legal documents.

The idea is to start testing how the draft Definition works in practice in order to complete it by the end of May.

Model name

Required component Link to resource Legal framework
Data pre-processing code URL OSI-approved license
Training, validation and testing code URL
Inference code URL
Supporting libraries and tools URL
Model architecture URL
Model parameters URL ???
Data transparency requirements URL ???

As a reminder, this is the process with highlighted the phase we’re starting:

Following the comment by @ben-cotton, I added the row about “Data transparency” to the list of components we need to search for in the next phase.