Draft v0.0.8 Review from LLM360

Hi All,

I am from the LLM360 team which is an open research lab enabling community-owned AGI through open-source large model research and development.

We too are caught up in the ‘what does open source AI mean’ discussion. After reviewing Draft v0.0.8 against our previous released models, we find the requirements are comprehensive, thoughtful, and reflect the true nature of open source.

We did not find the ODC-By license in OSI’s license list. Based on our understanding, ODC-By is the proper license to use for datasets as it respects potential source licenses of data in the dataset.

I have attached our review table below. We would love to hear other’s thoughts and feedback on our review.


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Thank you @vamiller , this is a very valuable contribution. Can you please include the links to the model you have evaluated?



Two amber finetuned.
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