Deep Dive: Artificial Intelligence

This is where we’re discussing the “Open Source AI Definition”. This topic is part of OSI’s Deep Dive: AI, the global multi-stakeholder effort to define Open Source AI. OSI is bringing together different organizations and individuals to collaboratively write a new document.

Please review the community agreement as you decide to participate in this discussions:

  • Take Space, Make Space – If you tend to write more, we invite you to make space for others to share. If you tend not to share, we invite you to write up your thoughts.
  • Kindness – This work is hard, but we don’t have to be. Gentleness and curiosity help. Those who use insults or hate speech will be moderated.
  • Forward Motion – We advance by focusing on what is possible in the moment and doing it. Obstacles are marked for later discussion, not used to stop the process. If we hit a boulder, we note it on the map and keep walking. We’ll come back and unearth it later on.
  • Solution-Seeking – This work is so complex that focusing on what won’t work will stop it. Suggesting new ideas, options, and proposals is vulnerable, but crucial. All of us are needed to make this work.
  • Anything else?