Add definition of "AI model"

I propose that OSAID include a clause defining the meaning of the term AI model.

I recognize that the primal reason we are developing the OSAID definition in the first place is that AI models are unlikely to give rise to intellectual property rights.
Also, what is the code or dataset? is self-evident, but an AI model is not.
So isn’t it more important for us to define the AI model? Since the AI systems we want to cover in OSAID are machine-based systems that use AI models to infer results, I think that defining AI models would make the definition of AI systems clearer in scope than it currently is.

The following PDF distributed by the OECD, which I recently came across by accident, defines the AI model. The “computational representation” in this definition would be the true identity of the AI model. How about diverting a sentence containing this to OSAID?

OECD Framework for the Classification of AI systems

AI Model: This is a computational representation of all or part of the external environment of an AI system – encompassing, for example, processes, objects, ideas, people and/or interactions that take place in that environment. Core characteristics include technical type, how the model is built (using expert knowledge, machine learning or both) and how the model is used (for what objectives and using what performance measures).

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I don’t think that’s the primal reason.
I think the issue some raised is what would constitute the source code of a model, which isn’t written as code.

That said, not all AI systems have statistical models and the definition shouldn’t imply this.

IMHO the OSAID should offload the work of “defining AI model” to other standard group, and quote the verbatim copy from the external definition.

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