A new draft of the Open Source AI Definition: v.0.0.5 is available for comments

A new draft is now available for comments. This is the first release to contain a very early draft of the “checklist”. It’s based on the Model Openness Framework being developed by LF AI & Data/Generative AI Commons.

There were a few unresolved comments on draft 0.0.4 for which I opened separate threads. See


  • Added the first draft of the checklist, based on the ongoing Track 1 exercise.
  • Refactored lightly the Out of scope paragraph for clarity. More discussion needed.
  • Left untouched other the preamble as more discussion is needed. More discussion needed.
  • Left untouched the “Share” freedom. More discussion needed.


Is it possible to pin this to the top of the forum?

Sometimes the older 0.0.4 version is ranked ahead of the latest 0.0.5 version. It might mislead our new audiences to older versions.

I see the post is pinned. But it does not appear at the top – don’t know why.

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Here’s the link to v. 0.0.5 written out, rather than embedded.