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Stefano, I am new to the initiative but working on the issue of the legal status of weight models for a while - As many other lawyers, it looks that copyright protection cannot be available there as we are talking about mathematical calculations and this means that no protection can be available other than confidentiality (but that will disappear as soon as they are make public). So, licensing them through any kind of copyright license will not be enforceable !! and this means that anybody can use them without any copyright restriction (assuming that they have been made public) and this means that you cannot enforce any kind of provisions such as attribution, no warranty or copyleft. There is a work-around there by using contractual terms meaning the recipient of the model will be contractually restricted - This will trigger a longer conversation as such a contractual arrangement is a bit complex to structure it in a way that makes sense for open source, but it will avoid waiting for international discussion / harmonization about how copyright or others IP may cover weights (but again given their mathemathical nature, it will be very tricky to consider any intellectual property) - happy to help further working on this